1933 The Saraswati Sugar Syndicate Ltd. (now Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd.) is established.
1946 Indian Sugar & General Engineering Corporation (Isgec Heavy Engineering Limited) is established to address the need for the Indian Capital Goods Industry.
1947 Isgec shifts Registered Office from Lahore, (undivided India) to Abdullapur (now Yamunanagar in Haryana, India).
1947 Saraswati Sugar Mills (SSM) is established at Yamunanagar.
1959 Agreement with John Thompson Ltd., UK for manufacture of Boilers.
1963 The Saraswati Sugar Syndicate Ltd. name changed to Saraswati Industrial Syndicate Ltd. (SIS Ltd.) and Isgec is amalgamated with SIS Ltd.
1964 Collaboration agreement with John Thompson Water Tube Boilers Ltd. for the manufacture of high pressure boilers having output in excess of 50 MW.
1964 First Ton Container is manufactured.
1965 Isgec John Thompson Ltd. (IJT) is formed for designing, supplying, erecting and providing after sales service of boilers.
1967 Licenses received for manufacture of Hydraulic Machinery in collaboration with John Shaw and Sons (Salford) Ltd., Salford Lancashire (UK).
1967 Presses Division is formed.
1968 Production of Hydraulic Presses is started with technical knowhow from John Shaw, UK.
1968 Presses Division executes first order of 25T Hydraulic Press supplied to Carbon Products, Calcutta.
1969 Items manufactured for the first time:

Heavy Hydraulic Presses
Variable Speed Rotators
Large Traveling Grate Stoker
Sophisticated and intricate Alloy Iron Castings
Horton Sphere for the storage of Liquid Petroleum Gas

1970 Licenses received for manufacture of Plate Bending Rolls, Galvanizing Baths, Fabrication of High Pressure Piping and Heat Exchangers.
1974 License issued for manufacture of Water Treatment Plant.
1981 Company acquires U.P. Steels – a steel plant set up by Kobe Steel Group, Japan at Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) India in 1966.
1985 Production of Mechanical Presses is started with technical knowhow from Rovetta Presse Spa, Italy.
1988 IJT forays into Fluidized Bed Combustion technology.
1995 Isgec, Yamunanagar receives ISO-9001 certification.
1995 Manufacture Ladle Turrets for the Continuous Caster of the Rourkela Steel Plant – a first for India.
1998 Licensing agreement for CFBC Boilers upto 60 MW with Foster Wheeler, USA.
1998 Licensing agreement with Belleli, Italy for the manufacturer of High Pressure Reactors for Oil Refineries and other Petrochemical Plants.
1999 Company Head Office shifts to Noida in Uttar Pradesh, India.
2001 Receive patent for Liquefied Gas Containers from Mexico.
2002 Receive patent for Liquefied Gas Containers from USA.
2004 Overseas offices open in Germany and USA.
2004 Receive second patent for Liquefied Gas Containers from USA.
2006 Technology License Agreement with ABB Lummus Heat Transfer, USA to market, sell and manufacture Helix Heat Exchangers (Helixchanger) products.
2007 IJT Design office starts at Chennai.
2007 Receive patents for Liquefied Gas Containers from India and China.
2007 Company turnover crosses Rs.1000 Crores
2008 New plant at Dahej, Gujarat in India commences production. Set up to manufacture heavier and bigger process plant equipment for the overseas market.
2008 Receive PIE certification, necessary for marketing Liquefied Gas Containers in Europe.
2008 Company is listed in Group B of the Bombay Stock Exchange.
2008 Collaboration agreement with Foster Wheeler, USA for CFBC Boilers enhanced to cover upto 99.99 MWe.
2009 New factory for Standard Presses is set up at Bawal, near Gurgaon (Haryana) India.
2009 Agreement with Hitachi Zosen, Japan for technology transfer for the manufacture of Chrome-Moly Vanadium Reactors and critical equipment for the Fertilizer sector.
2009 Company turnover crosses Rs.1500 Crores.
2010 Technology Agreement with Belleli, Italy for manufacture of Vessels with complex chemistries for Oil, Gas & Power sectors primarily for India.
2010 Licensing agreement with Foster Wheeler for technology transfer to engineer, design, manufacture and sell PC fired sub-critical and super-critical boilers for 60-1000 MW unit capacities.
2010 First barge operation by Isgec. Vessels exported to Algeria from jetty & port at Dahej.
2011 Company turnover crosses Rs.2000 Crores.
2011 IJT Design office is started at Pune.
2011 Largest Vessel (Coke Drums for installation at MRPL Refinery) manufactured at Dahej and dispatched by barge.
2011 Company name changes from Saraswati Industrial Syndicate Ltd. to Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd. All businesses consolidated and now marketed under a common brand name – Isgec.
2012 Company turnover crosses Rs.2500 Crores.
2012 Company forms a new joint venture with Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Japan for manufacturing specialized and critical process equipment. Shareholding pattern: 51% (Isgec) to 49% (Hitachi Zosen Corp.).
2012 Company buys drawings and the brand Morando for manufacture of Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL) from an Italian Company.
2012 Company acquires technology to manufacture Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) from a German company, Envirotherm GmbH.
2012 Company signs Technology Agreement with M/s. Belleli, Italy for the manufacture of Breech Lock Exchangers.
2012 Company signs Technology Agreement with Foster Wheeler of USA for the supply of design for Feed Water Heaters and Surface Condensers.