Iron Casting
Other Business Areas
  • Grey Iron, Ductile (S G) Iron and Alloy Iron castings conforming to International standards e.g. EN, DIN, BS, JIS, ASME.
  • Single piece casting weighing upto 20 tonnes
  • Modern Pattern Shop
  • Facility for Full Mould Process Castings
  • Facility to offer fully machined Castings
  • Hydro Pressure tested castings upto 10 Kg /sq. cm
  • Can offer equipment under third party inspection by International agencies like Lloyds, TUV, SGS, Inspectorate Holland
Frame for Compressor
Frame for Compressor
Bottom Shell for Soda Ash Column
Bottom Shell for Soda Ash Column
Fusion Pot Assembly
Fusion Pot Assembly for Chemical
& Dyestuff Industry
Pump Casing
1200 HS Pump Casing