Product Range

High Pressure Vessels
  • Thickness upto 200 mm
  • Weight up to 200 MT in single piece
  • Strip Cladding using single layer and double layer techniques
  • Have supplied over 100 High Pressure Vessels over 100 mm thickness in last 10 years such as High Pressure Separators, Slug Catchers, High Pressure Absorber, Mercury Removal Vessels, Sieve Gas Driers etc.
  • High Pressure Separators with specialized internals
  • Separator Vessels with Glass Flake OR Epoxy internal lining
  • Materials include :
    • Clad Steel
    • Alloy Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Carbon Steel ( including HIC)
High Pressure Separator Vessel For Gas Plant
H2S Absorber for a Refinery

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