Learning & Growth

Training (Internal & External)

The Training and Management Development activities of Isgec Heavy Engineering Limited form a part of the continuous process in integrating the organization needs with the needs of individuals for growth and development. Training & Development needs are identified through the Performance Management System, and discussions with the Head of the Departments, Annual Training Calendars are prepared and Programs and Workshops are organized periodically.

We have external training programs wherein our employees get opportunity to learn through the Management Development Programs of the prestigious institutions such as IIMs, XLRI, CII, ASSOCHAM etc. We have internal training programs wherein employees are trained from time to time as and when required according to the jobs being undertaken.

Trainings to develop functional skills are given importance. Soft skill trainings like personality development, communication, team work, improving the workplace behavior, planning and organizing, etc. are imparted as a continuous learning process. Individuals are encouraged to learn from market place, customer project sites through site visits and interaction.


The company provides Training to the VENDORS AND CONTRACTORS on quality/safety and Training is also provided by the Vendors on specific features/process requirements of those equipments.

We also have training programs wherein the CUSTOMERS are invited to attend the training program which can help them in familiarizing with our products and also explain them as to how a product should be used.

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