We, at Isgec, are now stepping into 2019 with a spring in our step and our sights set high with the sincere wish that we are of greater service to our Customers.

Talking of sight, there is one more desire that we have – that of mobilising people and doing something for those without sight.

Sight. Most of us take it for granted. But try spending even an hour blindfolded and you realize how helpless you become.

Can you now imagine the life of those living with a permanent blindfold - the visually impaired? To really know, meet them, interact with them. For when you do, your eyes really open. What they are capable of astounds us. They live a full life. Not asking for anything from the world, except for a fair playing field. They don't want pity. They want opportunities. They are as curious, as inquisitive as anyone else, and they want to experience the world.

We recently came across some enthusiastic visually impaired youngsters eagerly involved with the visual arts, and decided to share their creations, their stories, in this year's calendar. Hope you are as inspired as we were.


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There is one thing most of us have - functional eyes. And that is something we can pledge to donate when we are no more.

* According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), corneal blindness conditions, leading to corneal opacification, accounts for 4% of the world's 45 million blind. A large portion of which is treatable by corneal transplantation.*

This is an appeal for you to contact the local Eye Donation Bank closest to you and take the pledge.

For a directory of eye banks in your locality, visit your national or regional eye bank association's website.

* International Council of Ophthalmology (2017). Donation, Processing, Allocation, Advocacy, and Legislation Supporting Human Corneal Tissue for Ocular Transplant.


The credit for this initiative goes to Ms. Shivani Bharadwaj and her Inside Me Trust (www.insidemearts.com).

According to Shivani - Inside Me is an effort to make the blind imagine, visualize, feel, and see the world from their inner eyes. In a way, they see everything because they have not seen anything. We try to make blind children visualize by using their available senses. We use drawing as a medium and crayon as a tool.

Shivani, along with a handful of volunteers, spends a lot of her time teaching art to visually impaired students from some of the most financially deprived blind schools in Delhi. It's something entirely new for these students and their enthusiasm keeps the team motivated to continue the good work. These students are taught all subjects, except drawing. They have been taught that the Sun, the Moon and Earth are round, but what actually is 'round' and how to draw it, is absent from their studies. In mathematics, they are taught geometry using Braille, but without a visual concept of shapes it becomes that much more difficult for them to grasp the concept. Shivani uses their fingers as eyes and teaches them various shapes, so that they can connect a saucer with a circle, and a slice of bread to a square. These drawing sessions have actually helped these children comprehend and do better in other subjects as well.


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