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Process Condensate return
Parameter ( TPH, kg/cm2 (a) & Deg.C)

By-pass PRDS

Desired steam operating
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If Co-generation Power Plant
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Site Data

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Mean Sea level

Predominant direction & speed of Wind


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Temperature (dry and wet bulb temperature)

Humidity, Solar Radiation:

Seismic zone

Pollution Norms

ESP –ODC as per local Pollution Control Board ( mg/Nm3)

SOx, NOx,SPM , Noise & Effluent

Site Data

No of Turbine

Type of Condenser

Start-up through

Over all Key Plan

Soil bearing Capacity (SBC)
report for Existing plant

Water Analysis report

Generator voltage

Grid Paralleling required

Existing/ Proposed SLD

Availability of land

Source of water


Type of Fuel

Proximate analysis

Ultimate analysis

Fuel Handling system

Status of Statutory approval

Status Land acquisition

Status of Financial closure

Ash handling system Requirement

Status of PPA

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We plan to finalize the order *

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