• The inverted head design of Isgec Heavy Engineering Limited Containers has been verified by Finite Element Analysis with the help of Computer Simulated Models. This has established that the inverted head (dished end) will reverse when over pressurised either due to overfilling or as a result of container being subjected to higher temperature (fire etc.)
  • The design of the Isgec Heavy Engineering Limited Ton Container is approved by Lloyd's Register
  • Inspection at various stages. Inspection by third party agencies - Lloyds, BV, SGS, TUV, DNV etc.
  • The Shell to Head (Dished End) Joints as well as the Longitudinal Shell Joint of Isgec Heavy Engineering Limited Containers are 100% Radiographed
  • Containers are subjected to Heat Treatment for relieving stresses developed during forming and welding
  • Prototype containers are fabricated and destructively tested to establish container safe performance in rigorous condition
  • Each Container is supplied with a Lloyd's test certificate
  • Model 'D' Chlorine Containers are compatible for use of Emergency Kit - B of Chlorine Institute, USA
Emergency Kit - B
Safety Kit

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