Rattangarh Plant (Boiler Manufacturing and Piping)

  • Total plant area: 35814 Sq. meters
  • Covered plant area: 18664 Sq. meters
  • Production capacity: 12000 MT/annum
  • Heavy duty EOT cranes : 14
State of the art facilities for boiler component manufacturing
  • High quality Booster Bender for serpentine bends up to R/D = 1
  • Dual radii-Dual direction System bender for serpentine bends
    (with auto conveyor upto 50mtrs &16meters radii bending table)
  • Induction Squeezing and sizing machines - bend radius up to R/D = 0.6
  • Heavy duty Membrane panel bending machine-Haeusler (panel up to 2500mm width)
  • Heavy duty hydraulic swaging machine-Swage up to 400mm with Upsetting features
  • Fully automated Tube cutting & beveling machine (ATCP)
  • Heavy duty Radial drilling machines
  • Heavy duty Lathes & boring machines
  • High quality automatic tube to tube butt joint machine-Polysude (TIG+MAG)
  • Insitu type Orbital welding machines for intermediate joints in coils/panels
  • Membrane wall welding machines with 4 & 6 heads (with auto panel flipper)
Heat Treatment
  • Trolley Furnace (size : 3500mm x 4000mm x 23000mm)
  • Stress Relieving, Normalising, Annealing, Quenching & Tempering, Solution annealing
  • Local stress relieving by Electrical Resistance method
  • Real time X ray machines (GE -325KV) to inspect tube butt joints
  • Iridium 192 for offline RT
  • Impact Testing upto (-)196 deg centigrade
  • Tensile testing including elevated temperature upto 800deg centigrade
  • Metallurgy microscope Testing
  • Insitu Alloy Analyser
  • Magnetic Particle testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Boroscope Root Penetration Testing
  • IGC testing
  • Ferrite Testing Equipment
  • Complete Laboratory supports by Spectrometer
Codes & Standards
  • ASME section I
  • ASME section V
  • ASME section IX
  • Indian Boiler Regulation
  • PED regulations
View of Coil Shop Floor
View of Panel Shop Floor
Booster Bender : R/D -1, OD:31 to 76mm
Dual Radii System Bender : R/D -1, OD:31 to 76mm
Hot Squeezer :R/D - 0.6, OD:31 to 76mm
Membrane Wall Bender Panel width - 2500mm
Auto Tube Cutting & Beveller (ATCP)(Polishing, Stenciling, Cutting & Beveling)
Straight Tube Butt welder OD 31 to 76 mm
Membrane Wall Welder 4 & 6 head -1.6 X 22 M
Mechanical Testing LAB
Insitu Orbital Welder OD 31 TO 76mm
Heat Treatment Trolley Furnace size : 3.5 x 4 x 23 M
Real Time X-Ray
Boroscope Testing



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