Metal Grades

Low Alloy Creep Resistant Castings for high temperature and high pressure services.
  • DIN-17245, Gr.-17 Cr.Mo4 Ni V511, GS-22Mo4
  • ASTM A 217, Gr. WC-9, WC-6
Steam Turbine castings, Guide Blade Carriers, Outer Casings, Valve Bodies and Bonnets, Housings and Chambers, Inner Casings, Steam Chests

High Alloy Castings Resistant to abrasion and cavitational corrosion
  • ASTM A 743, Gr. CA6NM, CA15 and CF8M
Hydro Turbine Castings, Francis Runners, Kaplan Runner Blades, Guide Vanes, Labyrinth Rings, Pelton Wheels, Nozzle Tip Liners, Spears and Impellers for CW Pumps.
Manganese Steel Abrasion Resistant Castings.
  • ASTM A 148
  • IS-2708
Runner Hubs, Gear Blanks, Up stream and Down stream Bodies and B.V. Doors
Austenitic Manganese Steel Castings Hadfield Steel
  • IS-276
  • ASTM A 128
Crusher Hammers,Jaw Crusher Liners Cone & Gyratry Crusher Liners, Dipper Teeth, Shovel Buckets, Ring Hammers, Crusher Rolls , Sheaves, Track pads and Track Links.
Carbon Steel Castings for General Engineering purpose
  • IS-1030
  • ASTM A 27
  • IS-2707
  • IS-2644
  • DIN-1681
Gear Box Housings, Mill Heads, Trunions, Covers, Hubs, Levers, Gear Blanks and Railway Bogie Frames, Bearing Pedestals.
Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Castings
  • ASTM A 351, Gr. CF-8M, CF-8, CA 6NM, CF3M
Pump Castings, Diffusers, Valve Bodies, Pump casings and Impellers
Austenitic Ductile Cast Iron and Austenitic Grey Iron Castings
  • ASTM A-439, Type D2
  • ASTM A-436, Type 1B
Castings for sea water services such as Cooling Water Pump Castings, Suction Bell Mouths, Branch Deliveries.
General Engineering Castings
  • Alloy UPS -133: Micro Alloyed Austenitic Manganese Steel with improved work hardening and wear resistant
  • Alloy UPS-250 : Micro Alloyed Steel. Hardened and Tempered Bulk hardness 240-280 BHN.
Crusher Hammers, Jaw Crusher Liners, Cone and Gyratry Crusher Liners, Dipper Teeth, Shovel Buckets, Ring Hammers, Sheaves, Track Links, Gears & Pinion Blanks.
Grinding Ring & Balls
  • Ni-Hard IV, Ni-Hard II - for ring
  • Cr-Ni 108/Ni-Hard IV for Balls
Top & Bottom Grinding Rings for ABL make E70, 8.5E9 and 8.5E10 Coal Polveriser, Hollow Balls, Die Rings.
S.G. Iron Castings
Servomotor Casings, Top Rings, Bearing Pedestals, Casings, Valve Body and Discs

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